Grass is greener in Japan

KICK-STARTING a trip through Japan in the capital city of Tokyo, Evergreen Cruises & Tours’ 14-day Japan Encompassed itinerary will have travellers enraptured with the country’s beauty from every angle.

Highlights along the way include being immersed in Japan’s Shinto and Buddhist mecca of Nikko in the country’s central region, where guests can visit the Toshogu Shrine complex, along with visits to Chuzenji Lake and the breathtaking Kegon Waterfall that resides in the impressive mountain landscape overlooking Nikko.

Other stops include a trip through the village of Shirakawa-go to enjoy the mountain views, and a visit to the Nomura Samurai House, an authentic Samurai residence and museum.

The 14-day tour is priced from $9,595 per person.