Fun and excitement at the Goldfields Jet

HIDDEN within the eastern end of New Zealand’s spectacular Kawarau Gorge in central Otago is the Goldfields Jet, a thrilling experience which takes the daring on a fast-paced joy ride through crystal clear waters, whilst dodging jagged cliff faces.

Operating since 1991, the Goldfields Jet experience begins on the lower reaches of the Kawarau River before heading out through the Gorge and into the placid waters of Lake Dunstan, reaching speeds of around 80kms per hour. In total, the thrill ride lasts just over 40 minutes, with the host stopping momentarily between 360 degree spins and adrenaline-inducing skids over rocks to give insightful commentary about the region’s rich gold mining history and the miners who flocked there in search of treasure.

The jets are designed to operate smoothly across just inches of water and will also glide effortlessly across obstacles such as protruding rocks and sand bars.

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