Fresh for Hawaii in 2019

2019 has kicked off with a range of new openings and attractions across the Hawaiian Islands. Here are some highlights:

  • The White Sands Hotel has opened its doors in Waikiki this month, having completed a full restoration to its original 1960s design. The property is now “a funky, fun return to the Hawaii that everyone remembers”, according to its team.
  • International Market Place has partnered with Waikiki Trolley to launch the Honolulu Dining Express. The route is the first new line for the company in six years and focuses on foodie experiences, such as Leonard’s Bakery and Haili’s Hawaiian Foods.
  • Running from 8 March to 5 May, the Honolulu Biennial is on this year, showcasing international contemporary art at a number of locations around Honolulu. In addition to the exhibitions, visitors can see dance performances, film screenings, live music and participate in art workshops.