WHEN it comes to adventure travel, World Expeditions has plenty to offer. With 16% of its customers choosing to travel alone, it’s a category the company nurtures.

“I think there is a sustained demand for solo travel because many active travellers can’t find anyone who wants to do the level of activity that they want to do, at a time that suits them,” said World Expeditions CEO Sue Badyari. “This happens in couples, when we have instances of one partner booking a trek, while the other partner books a touring holiday in a nearby location.”

And it’s not just men who are looking for experiences outside their comfort zones. Over the past four years, World Expeditions has seen steady annual increases in the number of female solo travellers. “Women are financially independent, put meaningful travel experiences high on their annual priority list and have become increasingly confident, looking for ways in which to challenge themselves and push out their boundaries,” Badyari said. “Adventure travel provides an ideal means to achieve this.”

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