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Italy tops the list again as the number one destination among travellers, according to Topdeck Travel’s latest Global Youth Travel Survey. The survey found four out of five favourite destinations for young Aussies were in Europe, with Italy first, followed by Greece, Switzerland, and the UK.

And when it comes to “bucket list” destinations, Greece holds the number one place in Europe with Iceland also making the top five.

Topdeck has several offers for travellers, whether the preference is to explore by land or sea. The adventures include a 27-day Summer Fun and sailing tour through France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland, along with a three-day Greece sail. Otherwise, the 13-day Bravo Italia is an ideal trip for those seeking to enjoy wine tastings in Tuscany, gondola rides in Venice or the famous pastel coloured Amalfi Coast.

Some of the other popular Topdeck trips include the 10-day Spanish Fiesta, 18-day Big Balkan, 37-day Red Star Special and the 21-day Iberian Voyager.

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