Increasingly travellers are looking to experience authentic local food in the destinations they travel to. In New York, you can eat your way through the tree lined streets on Brownstone Brooklyn food tour by Urban Adventures. A local guide will walk you through the streets of this borough, sampling the local fare as you go.

The tour starts at Stinky Bklyn, a specialty cheese shop stocking locally made products. Down the street is 61 Local, a community run venue where Brooklynites can gather to eat and drink. The historic brownstone houses that Brooklyn is famous for lead to a couple of bakeries. While enjoying all the local delicacies, learn about the neighbourhood’s rich history and changing character from the owners and workers who have prompted this transformation.

There is such a strong mix of old school cuisine and daring new culinary entrepreneurs working alongside each other to serve this community. Shelsky’s Appetizing & Delicatessen is a Jewish store serving cuisine in a contemporary way, whereas Damascus Bakery is the oldest Middle Eastern bakery in NYC. Traditional and Italian eateries have long been a staple of the neighbourhood, but new takes on old classics are beginning to appear, such as Brooklyn Farmacy where the tour finishes just streets away from the Brooklyn Bridge.

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