asdfWith Ireland’s west attracting the bulk of the country’s tourism numbers, Tourism Ireland has devised a plan to encourage tourists to explore the other side of the country.

The ‘Ireland’s Ancient East’ promotion is aimed at turning what has become a transit zone into a touring region.

Stretching from Newgrange and on to Waterford’s Viking Quarter, the new branding intends to match and complement the Wild Atlantic Way in terms of scale and ambition.

The new promotion, which is hoped to boost tourism by 20% to the region with an additional 600,000 overseas visitors a year, focuses on four thematic pillars; ancient Ireland, early Christian Ireland, medieval Ireland, and Anglo Ireland.

Positioning Ireland’s east as an “umbrella destination”, Tourism Ireland expects the new marketing push will portray the region is a unified manner to create an “emotional pull and inspire visitors to travel to the part of the country”.

Visitors can explore Viking settlements, walk a medieval mile and see battlegrounds from ancient times while travelling at their own pace.

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