Where hidden cities & seaside meet

The Mediterranean’s sapphire seas will lure you in and convince you to stay a while. But beyond the azure waters lie tiny whitewashed villages nestled against sandy shores, marble-clad fortresses and winding chains of turquoise waterfalls – places loved by locals and untouched by most. Globus invites you to dive deep into the blues of the Mediterranean’s secluded seaside towns and medieval alleyways. Follow us down sun-soaked streets to discover the places where cities, seas and cultures connect – places you won’t find on other tours or cruises. No one gets you closer to the magic of the Mediterranean.

4 Reasons to dive into the Mediterranean

There’s nothing easy about planning a holiday on your own, especially when visiting the less-travelled corners of the Mediterranean. That’s why Globus tours handle the research and the reservations, so you can spend more time soaking in your destination.

A Room with a View

Whether you’re waking to the sounds of waves crashing on the shore, or watching the sun rise over the Acropolis, our hand-selected hotels sit in the heart of your destination so you can find the perfect balance of on-the-go and off your feet.

The place that launched a thousand myths

Learn about the myths of the Mediterranean from the locals who grew up hearing them. Your expert Tour Director and Local Guides will teach you the history and bring to life the legends of some of the world’s most ancient civilisations.

Escape the ordinary

A tour gets you to the faraway islands and untouched towns that take your breath away, eliminating the hassles and stress of arranging the logistics on your own.

Live like a local

From sampling the fresh catches and flaky pastries that make up Mediterranean cuisine, to exploring ancient amphitheatres, our Local Favourites help introduce you to the tastes and tales of the Mediterranean.

Globus is currently offering savings of up to $1000 per person off tours. For information and bookings, visit or call 1300 230 234.

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