The last few years have seen a concerted push by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to up the ante in finding new ways to attract tourist dollars. The subsequent brainchild of this mission has been The Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018 promotion, a reenergised calendar of international events TAT has put in place in a bid to enhance the country’s overall tourism appeal.

One exciting fruit of this labour has been the country’s very first Bangkok Art Biennial due to kick off 19 October and carry through to early February 2019. The city-wide art exhibition will bring together a pastiche of influences from around the world to be showcased in pavilions throughout the city. The imaginative event has been predicted to see a flurry of art lovers converge on Bangkok, as well as the work of many virtuosos in the international art scene such as Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic and the respected Japanese pop artist Yoshitomo Nara.

For quite literally a change of pace, Thailand has also landed some major sporting events including a stage of the prestigious MotoGP World Championship superbike event. The Thailand motorcycle Grand Prix will make its debut on the international MotoGP calendar in October and will be raced on the country’s Buriram International Circuit, located about 400km northeast of Bangkok. The track is specifically designed to please the high-octane appetites of velocity lovers, featuring few corners and many long straights.

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