One of the great delights of travelling is sampling the local cuisine. When you tell your friends or colleagues you are going to a particular place someone will inevitably say ‘you must try’. So here are our ‘must trys’ for those visiting New York and New England.

New England

The New England coast of the USA is renowned for its lobster and every coastal town you pass through has a ‘lobster shack’ where you can try the local catch. But a ‘Lobster Roll’ is the ‘must try’ in this region. It’s what it says it is: a bread roll filled with a great chunk of lobster, served with either mayo or butter and sometimes a side of potato chips. Doesn’t sound that exciting really! Many claim to have the ‘best’ but the one place that has repeatedly won awards for the best is ‘The Clam Shack’ in Kennebunkport, Maine. Expectations were high when we tried it, and it did not disappoint, filled with a delicious chunk of soft juicy tail and claw on a super soft bread roll. But be prepared to queue and then wait for this US$19 ‘must try’.


You might think it’s the Boston cream pie that is the ‘must try’ in this city, but it’s not. It’s the cannoli! On a weekend in Boston, expect to see people everywhere in the city carrying around a ‘Mikes Pastry’ box. This Italian bakery located in Boston’s historic North End is famous for its cannoli, with over a dozen varieties to choose from. On the weekend expect to queue for a while to get a taste and bring greenbacks as it’s cash only.

New York

There are plenty of ‘must trys’ for New York, but the one that always comes up is New York style pizza. And boy are there plenty of recommendations for the ‘best’ pizza in New York. Many Facebook posts will suggest a variety of different pizza joints, but we decided to ask a local. Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village has been named as best pizza by numerous publications over the years and has been serving New York slice since 1975. This no frills pizza joint is dotted with photos of all the celebs who have frequented the tiny place over the years. Definitely a must try.

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