CONTIKI Holidays has launched five new trips to Patagonia and Colombia and 13 improved trips across Latin America. The tours include a boat safari through Patagonia’s Perito Moreno Glacier fields, a hike through Torres del Paine and ice climbing at Los Glaciares National Park.

For travellers looking to #MAKETRAVELMATTER and give back to the communities they visit, Contiki offers ME to WE experiences, which are also included in the newly launched trips to Latin America. These include activities like volunteering on a development project in Ecuador, where guests can support the local Teh Mazin community in whatever project they are working on, such as laying the foundations for a new school room.

“As travellers, we have a responsibility to respect and protect the places we visit so that they are able to be enjoyed for generations to come,” said Contiki Managing Director Katrina Barry. “It is our responsibility as the provider to ensure our operation continues to facilitate sustainable choices that impact the communities we travel to as well as the planet.”


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