SUSTAINABILITY is a “core component” of Latin America specialists, Chimu Adventures, with co-founder Chad Carey explaining that the company “would have been a lot better off in the back pocket, in the beginning, if we didn’t have a sustainable angle to our business plan”.

“Overheads are high, and margins are low in travel but right from the outset we drew a sustainable angle into our plan and I’m proud that we’ve not only been able to maintain it but grow that area of our business.”

Chimu also works closely with DMCs in Latin America so that they can monitor the quality and ethics of their services.

In March, Chimu’s Brazil office partnered with a car leasing company in Rio who has imported the first electric cars into Brazil; between May and the end of 2019, all airport transfers will be transitioned over to electric vehicles. Chimu also works with a community based rural tourism organisation in Peru called ‘Land of the Yachaqs’ which guarantees the distribution of the tourism generated income across eight indigenous communities located across the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

“Sustainability will continue to be at the forefront of the business, both in Latin America and in their Australia head offices,” said Carey.

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