kenaiKenai Fjords National Park

Located in Alaska and a meeting place for oceans, ice and land, the national park is like stepping back in time to the ice age. Get on board one of the cruises available through the national park to take in dramatic glaciers, fjords and the abundant wildlife. Guides will help you spot harbor seals, sea otters and even whales.




Dinosaur Provincial Park

dinosaurThis Alberta UNESCO World Heritage Site is known as one of the world’s biggest dinosaur graveyards and is popular for its striking badlands topography. Around 40 species of dinosaurs once roamed the area and their bones are now fossilised throughout the landscape. If you’re a keen photographer we suggest taking a sunset tour.




Lake Louise

This turquoise lake set to a backdrop of rugged mountains is an icon of Banff National Park. After lake louisesoaking in the incredible scenery take a hike to one of the alpine tea houses. These historic cabins provide the perfect way to refuel and relax while hiking. For more awe-inspiring views take the year-round gondola at Lake Louise Ski Area, there’s an open chair for summer and an enclosed option for winter.




Northern Lights

This captivating natural light display is created by northern lightselectrically charged particles colliding with gases in the Earth’s atmosphere which cause a glowing effect. Seeing these vibrant colours illuminate the night sky is a truly mesmerising experience. Several locations across Canada and Alaska provide prime viewing spots for the aurora with a selection of guided tours available.

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