BUNNIK Tours has embarked on a major expansion of its operations, with the launch of the Small Group Touring Co., offering an initial portfolio of 30 trips visiting 38 countries across the globe.

Operating separately to the established Bunnik Tours portfolio, the Small Group Touring Co. offers group sizes of 12-18 travellers and trips that are shorter in length, and unlike Bunnik Tours are not air-inclusive.

The Small Group Touring Go. is designed for a broader market, whereas the Bunnik Tours brand is only sold in Australia. Kevin Bishop is heading up the Small Group Touring Co. as its Chief Operating Officer.

Bunnik Tours CEO Dennis Bunnik said the debut aims to respond to the growing demand for small group travel.

“We know that more and more people are looking for that small group touring option and the Small Group Touring Co. offers a group size of 12 to 18 travellers so we can ensure that everyone on tour has the best opportunity to connect with the sights, customs and culture of their tour destination,” Bunnik said.

“We believe that the two brands will complement each other well within the Australian market.”


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