WITH its bold landscapes, diverse wildlife, breathtaking glaciers, and frosty mountain ranges, Alaska is arguably the ideal destination to take advantage of Intrepid’s off-the-beaten-track style of adventuring.

Whether it is hiking, kayaking, climbing or nature watching, the 14-day Alaska Adventure package to the northernmost US state offered by Intrepid Travel has a different form of adventure challenge for everyone. Highlights of the itinerary include walking across the remote tundras to glacial rivers, peering into the wonderful world of grizzly bears, wolves, and caribous in the Denali National Park, and finding a vantage point to perch and look over the amazing collection of glaciers at the Wrangell-St Elias National Park.

Part of the appeal of this is trip is also the team environment, so it might not be the best bet for solo travellers, with Intrepid suggesting the trip is an opportunity to: “Roll up your sleeves and help out with camp activities like food prep and washing up… it’s all about giving your new travel mates a hand – everyone knows there’s nothing worse than trying to put up a tent on your own”.

Another sign this adventure might not be for the faint of heart are the extreme weather conditions you are likely to encounter, especially on Denali, the highest peak in North America. Trips on the giant mountain can be prone to blizzards, ice cold winds and quick shifts in weather.

The next departure date for the Intrepid Alaska Adventure package leaves 5 August 2019, with prices leading in at $3,865 per person, twin share.

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