Alaska’s frosty Denali National Park has a new place to shield you from the winter chill after The Sheldon Chalet opened its doors earlier this year. Located close to North America’s tallest mountain Denali and perched on an exposed hill surrounded by a glacier, The Sheldon Chalet offers guests many of the creature comforts you would expect to find at a metropolitan hotel such as fine dining, sauna facilities, and plush bedding.

Interestingly, this remotely located hotel promotes its lack of mobile coverage as a major selling point, encouraging guests to indulge in “luxurious disconnecting”, by enjoying a holiday with “No more buzzing, ringing, vibrating, and pinging”.

Alaska’s largest city of Anchorage will also see some major hotel brands invest in sprucing up their offerings in 2018.

The 370-room Sheraton Anchorage Hotel and Spa has recently undergone a refurbishment to update its interiors and decor. Significant tech investment has been carried out across town at The Westmark Anchorage which has equipped its 200 rooms with improved lighting, USB charging stations, and new flat-screen TVs.

Despite a challenging period for the Alaskan economy of late, tourism in the US state continues to grow, recording 1.86 million visitors in the summer of 2017.

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