Thailand 3Tourism Authority of Thailand lets us in on all the insider knowledge on how to sell this diverse country.

How can agents improve their knowledge of Thailand?

Travel agents can build up and update their product knowledge of Thailand by visiting our website at as well as our online training workshop For updates about the Thailand situation and TAT and tourism industry news releases they can visit

What kind of training is available for Australian agents wanting to sell Thailand, and how can they sign up?

Agents can register and complete our online training workshop via

Any recommendations for first time travellers?

Visit Phuket because it has many great value accommodation options and activities, along with established facilities to cater for all tourists’ needs. The destination has a lot to offer to all ages and all types of traveller, from FIT, groups, families, honeymooning couples, leisure travellers and adventurers. There are a variety of beaches that visitors can choose from such as Patong, a busy and fun night life beach or a more relaxing Surin, Kata and Karon Beach.

What makes Thailand a unique destination?

Thailand is truly a land of dazzling variety. From the glorious ruins of ancient cities to excitement of dynamic modern Bangkok; the lush forested hills of the North to the white sandy beaches and tropical islands of the South, sporting activities to fun-filled entertainment, the kingdom offers a kaleidoscope of sights and scenes. You will always be excited to travel to Thailand.

And finally, how can agents join a famil to Thailand?

The minimum eligibility requirement is that agents must be actively promoting and have the potential to push Thailand sales. We give priority to the top selling agents especially those who we work closely with in running joint promotion or joint advertising campaigns. With this selection criterion we can ensure that the right candidates are given an opportunity to learn and experience more products in Thailand so that they can build up their knowledge and expertise and continue to promote and sell Thailand.

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