Machu Picchu, Ken Bosma CC bit.ly1HYJOrASouth America Tourism Office director Delfor Pelletti sat down with travelBulletin to share his tips on how to sell the destination.

What kind of training is available for Australian agents wanting to sell South America, and how can they sign up?
Agents have to keep an eye out for road shows from tourism boards including Chile, Peru, and Colombia which is the best way to learn about each destination. Educationals are also a great way to build a solid base of training about South America.

Which destinations in South America are most appealing  to Australians?
Peru continues to be the number one destination for Australians for the mystical Machu Picchu citadel. However, the Galapagos Islands are slowly closing in for their rich diversity of underwater creatures, close encounters with giant tortoises and brilliantly coloured beaches.

Any recommendations for first time visitors?
South America has a large variety of climates, regions, people and cultures. Don’t attempt to conquer the whole continent in a small amount of time. Take it slow when going to countries and cities with altitudes as it affects people differently. But most importantly, just enjoy your holiday.

What are SATO’s picks for up and coming destinations?
Patagonia is a remote and relatively untravelled wilderness area located in the southern regions of Argentina and Chile. It captivates travellers who have an eye for beauty, a passion for adventure, and who want to get up close to the impressive Perito Moreno Glacier.
However, the up and coming country of the year is unquestionably Cuba which has something to offer anyone who makes the journey. From losing yourself with musicians at every corner and the classic 1950s cars in the cobbled streets of Havana, Cuba also has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and the romantic colonial town of Trinidad.

What are your top selling tips for travel agents?
Learning about the destination and asking the right questions is the key to selling South America because it is extremely large, diverse, and every country is different to the next. Finally, be confident in selling South America – it’s a destination that sells itself!

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