TRAVELBULLETIN sat down recently with JNTO to ask them how agents can get their knowledge about Japan up to scratch.

How can travel agents improve their product knowledge of Japan?

JNTO has many methods for agents who are interested to increase their knowledge of Japan:

Because Japan is so unique in its culture, it is definitely a destination that is best understood if the agent has experienced it themselves, even as a traveller.

Which destinations would you recommend for first time travellers?

The most popular is the ‘Golden Route’ which mainly consists of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Hiroshima, but can also include Hakone and The Fuji Five Lakes area. Though these are the most popular destinations, we recommend visitors, even first time visitors, to venture away from these locations as other destinations that are just as easily accessible by the vast railway network across Japan. Every area in Japan is unique and different to the next, and these lesser known destinations are often more authentic and less crowded than the Golden Route.

What makes Japan a unique destination?

Japan is a great contrast of new and old, with a temple that can be hundreds of years old sitting between two high-rise buildings. Japan is also full of unique history and culture, with great pilgrimage trails and heritage listed areas, just outside of bustling metropolises. Also Japan has an exceptionally low crime rate, which is very appealing for those who are looking for a safe destination to travel through. Japanese food is also healthy and delicious; with a range of cuisines to suit all tastes and budgets from Michelin starred dining to a humble laneway bar.

How can travel agents join a famil?

We always recommend agents keep up to date with JNTO by registering for our agent EDM as it is the main method we announce our activities. It is also recommended that you keep in touch with Sally Miles, our main liaison with agents, either by email or by meeting up at our seminars and events that are held throughout the year. Our e-learning fam is one of the few that is open for retail agents to apply. Subscribe to our agent newsletter and be the first to find out when the next one is held.

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