Agent Know How: JNTO

AUSTRALIANS can’t seem to get enough of Japan, so we asked JNTO to share with us some of their top tips for selling this unique destination.

How can travel agents improve their knowledge of Japan?

JNTO’s main methods for informing agents are:

  • E-Learning — currently three levels starting with the basics and leading into in-depth exploration of Japan’s regions and culture.
  • Attend JNTO seminars — usually held twice a year in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Subscribe to JNTO monthly agent updates newsletter — to find out what is happening in Japan and about seminars, wholesaler products and also tips you can pass onto your clients.
  • Reach out directly to JNTO — we understand that there will be times when general information is not what you’re looking for and have specific questions that are difficult to answer. Email us at

Would you recommend independent travel or joining a tour for first-time travellers?

This really depends on the client — everyone has their own preference for travelling. Group or tour travel is good for those who are not confident travelling around and wish to have a fixed itinerary to follow.

For those who are looking to experience more off-the-beaten-track experiences or are interested in the small challenge of travelling in a country where English is not spoken by everyone, independent travel is definitely recommended.

What are your top tips for agents selling Japan to a customer?

Japan has everything for every type of traveller — whether it is outdoor adventure, culinary tours, culture and art or exploration.

Japan is an all-year destination — though winter snow and spring cherry blossoms are the best known time to visit Japan. Summer may be humid in the bigger cities, but that is even more reason to visit the north island of Hokkaido or the southern islands of Okinawa. And autumn in Japan shows nature in all its glory with beautiful shades of red, orange and gold.

There is always more to see in Japan, even if the client has been before. We always encourage visitors to see more than just the typical destinations as there are so many more unique experiences that can be had, just a short trip away from the major cities.