We ask Switzerland Tourism how to swot up on your knowledge of the European nation.

How can travel agents improve their knowledge of Switzerland?

An excellent way to learn more is via our new e-learning program, the Switzerland Travel Academy. Other useful sources include our website ( and our Facebook and Instagram pages where we keep our online community inspired with stories, news and updates.

What kind of training is available to Australian agents wanting to sell Switzerland and how can they sign up for it?

The Switzerland Travel Academy is the best training available. It is a fun and interactive program that will equip agents with the necessary product knowledge to help them better inform their clients and sell Switzerland more easily. The program consists of three core-modules, plus eight specialisation-modules on Switzerland for specific experiences such as the Swiss Rail System, snow and winter activities, luxury holidays or others. Agents can register to learn more here –

What activities would you recommend for first time travellers?

An unmissable experience is definitely a ride on one of our scenic trains such as the Glacier Express or the GoldenPass Line. Another must-do is a mountain excursion with one of our many mountain cableways and trains, such as Mount Pilatus accessible via Lucerne, or Europe’s highest train station on Jungfrauhoch. And last but not least, our lovely medieval boutique towns such as Basel (our cultural capital on the Rhine River) or Lausanne on Lake Geneva are a must-see.

What makes Switzerland a unique destination?

Its splendid nature: Switzerland is the home of the mountains, a natural playground for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Its diversity: you travel an hour and you discover a new landscape, a new culture or even a new language. Its infrastructure: getting around in Switzerland is fool proof — the densest public transport network in the world offers 29,000km of rail, road and waterway routes. Switzerland really is a nature’s paradise in the heart of Europe, waiting to be explored.

How can travel agents join a famil to Switzerland?

The best way to do this is to become a certified Switzerland Specialist by completing the Switzerland Travel Academy. This year, we are taking 10 lucky agents who have completed the Academy’s core modules on a fantastic trip to Switzerland in September. We are also regularly hosting famils to Switzerland in co-op with tour operators and retailer consortia.


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