WE spoke to Thailand Authority of Tourism (TAT) about how agents can bump up their knowledge of the ‘land of smiles’.

How can travel agents improve their product knowledge of Thailand?

We have a training portal at There are 10 modules available with topics ranging from beaches, shopping & food, beyond the big cities, to luxury.

What kind of training is available to Australian agents wanting to sell Thailand and how can they sign up for it?

In addition to our training portal, every year TAT holds Amazing Thailand Roadshow, bringing 50+ Thai suppliers and airlines to Australia’s major cities. This year’s dates are Melbourne on 15 May, Sydney on 16 May and Brisbane on 21 May.

What activities would you recommend for first time visitors?

Bangkok is a great gateway to Thailand, with fabulous rooftop bars, wonderful food options (from street food to Michelin stars) and great shopping. If you’d like to combine Bangkok with a beach destination, you don’t necessarily need to fly. Pattaya (two hour drive south east) and Hua Hin (three hour drive south west) are fabulous destinations for couples and families. In Phuket you must experience the hustle and bustle of Patong Beach and Bangla Road. Koh Samui is another popular island destination. For those who want to explore culture, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are great destinations that you can do in one trip.

What makes Thailand a unique destination?

Thai people truly are what make the destination unique. Thai people believe in Karma, therefore by nature they want to do good to receive good. And have we mentioned the beautiful beaches, wondrous temples, luxurious spas, diversity of cities and countryside offerings, paddy fields and flavourful Thai food? The combination of these makes Thailand a year-round favourite holiday for many Aussies.

How can travel agents join a famil?

Keep your eyes out for TAT events, incentives and our annual roadshow. Keep your knowledge updated with our training portal. We announce these through trade media, so you can’t miss it.

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