Guinness StorehouseThe search for the perfect pint is an obsession for many, and it doesn’t get much better than Guinness downed near its place of creation. You can’t get any closer than the Guinness Storehouse where the stout is made. The site remains a working brewery, producing three million pints a day, but it has also been partly redeveloped into a seven-storey tribute to Ireland’s world-famous drink.

The Storehouse remains one of the most popular tourist attractions for beer lovers, but here are some other fashionable hangouts.

  1. Nancy’s, Ardara
    Ardara is a quaint little village in Donegal, known for its production of Irish tweed. Nancy’s has everything one would expect, in addition to higgledy-piggledy rooms which hive off a bar dispensing excellent Guinness and terrific, simple food. The pub has been in the same family for seven generations.
  2. Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast
    The Crown is a marvel of Victorian interior design. Sit in one of the ‘snugs’, ring the bell for service, and enjoy the unique atmosphere.
  3. Tigh Neachtain’s, Galway City
    In a city bursting at the seams with great pubs, Tigh Neachtain’s is among the finest, and as traditional and unspoiled as you will find in all of Ireland. Visitors will find more than beer, with bartenders also specialising in drinks from across the globe.
  4. EJ Morrisey’s, Abbeyleix
    A museum of old wares as much as a pub, this place on the road between Dublin and Cork is partitioned into snugs and odd-shaped sitting areas by thrown-together walls. Beguiling.
  5. Thomas Connolly’s, Sligo
    A long corridor devolves into snugs and private drinking areas. The walls are full of old photos, postcards and pub receipts. It’s warm and dark and dripping with character.

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