For the first time, AlUla’s landmarks of unprecedented historical and cultural significance along with 200,000 years of human legacy are now accessible to visitors.

This is a unique opportunity for travellers to be amongst the first to experience the beauty and monumentality of one of the world’s most desirable heritage and culture destinations.


1. As international travel resumes, AlUla’s natural and man-made works of art, from stunningly preserved tombs to rock formations sculpted from nature, will top “must do” travel hot lists. Don’t miss the opportunity to see them for yourself before everyone else.

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2. Marvel at the elaborately carved tombs built by the Nabataean Kingdom at Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. Lose yourself in the labyrinth of streets and restored pathways that make up AlUla Old Town. Shop in the market stalls for local produce or hand-made souvenirs. Take a tour with a Rawi up to the nearby citadel to get a great bird’s-eye-view.


4. Catch the magical moment when the sunlight illuminates the path of The Siq at Jabal Ithlib, the Holy Mountain at Hegra. There is a 30-minute window when the rays shine through.

5. Examine the rock art at the Ashar Valley, these petroglyphs hold precious stories about how ancient civilisations lived and what was important to them.


6. Hike the Adventure Trail, a half-day trek through the dramatic Madakheel landscapes – the perfect way to be at one with nature or try the shorter Hidden Valley or Oasis View trails.


7. Follow the pack leader on bike or on horse-back on leisurely trails crossing through the sand dunes and surrounded by AlUla’s unique landscapes.

8. Feel the wind in your hair while whizzing through the canyon on a zipline or hire a three-wheeled desert buggy at the new Adventure Canyon.


9. Explore the famous tombs, wells, and the curious burial grounds from above, whether in a vintage aircraft, a helicopter or a hot air balloon, few destinations can compete for aerial views like the open-air living museum of AlUla.


10. Book an evening Stargazing Tour at Al Gharameel, get comfortable on a traditional carpet and as you stare into the bright stary night and hear stories of the human ingenuity of ancient civilisations – it’s like 2020 never happened.


11. Go hunting for rock formations at sunrise or sunset, the best time to view iconic AlUla rocks such as Elephant Rock, Face Rock, Rainbow Rock, Hand Rock, Dancing Rocks or Pyramid Mountain.

12. Take a stroll through the oasis of lush palm groves or visit AlUla Fresh Farm and sample the varieties of zingy citrus fruits, such as the Jaffa orange and Helo lemons.


13. Relax. Enjoy the silence, the vastness and monumentality of the desert while sipping on an Arabic coffee.


14. Visit Maraya – the Guinness Book of Record’s biggest mirrored building. This multi-purpose concert and entertainment venue is reopening early 2021, Cladded in 10,000 square metres of mirrors, Maraya is one of the world’s architectural wonders, reflecting the desert landscapes to create a magical a magical experience.


15. Watch local artisans practising their craft from pottery to weaving wool into intricate patterns in the dedicated handicraft tent at Hegra, or at the arts hub of Madrasat Aldrirah – both new cultural immersion experiences coming soon to AlUla.

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