It is often said that original is best. And having called the Norwegian waters home for over 127 years, Hurtigruten can attest to this. A destination for all seasons, Norway is an abundance of beautiful landscapes, charming wildlife and warm people. Guests not only join Hurtigruten when they choose to travel with them. They also join a national icon and become part of Norwegian living history.

©Ørjan Bertelsen

Guests can voyage through the calm, sheltered waters of Norway on Hurtigruten’s Original Coastal Voyage, since 1893. With Hurtigruten’s new 2022 to 2023 season, guests can celebrate with up to $500 on board credit.

A land of natural phenomena, a front-row seat to seasonal highlights such as the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights awaits those who venture here. Midnight Sun is summer’s eternal light, where guests will experience around-the clock daylight above the Arctic Circle. Many say that the surplus light is so invigorating that they find it hard to go to bed. Meanwhile in the winter, the landscape is blanketed in white velvety snow and the air is fresh, pure and crisp; winter is the Northern Lights stage in northern Norway. Guests who sail with Hurtigruten on an exploration of polar lights have excellent chances to see the elusive Aurora Borealis. For peace of mind, travellers will receive a 6 or 7-day Classic Voyage free of charge if the illustrious lights don’t occur on their voyage during Aurora season, all thanks to Hurtigruten’s Northern Lights Promise.

©Audun Rikardsen

Their ships are uniquely designed to explore the Norwegian coastline in the most comfortable way. Whichever season your guests choose to sail with Hurtigruten: during the springtime reawakening of the coast, over the long sun-drenched days of summer, when the amazing palette of autumn colours glow, or for the soul-stirring spectacle of the Northern Lights in winter, Hurtigruten’s voyages offer an exhilarating means of getting close to nature – and to Norway.

Guests will importantly immerse in authentic Norwegian life, sailing the classic postal route and visiting 34 ports side by side with locals. At the smaller ports, guests love to head out on deck for a glimpse of daily life along the coast. As the vessel docks, quiet quaysides suddenly come to life: listen to friendly banter exchanged between dock workers, observe forklift trucks scuttle back and forth, loading and offloading supplies to the ship; and wave hello to friends and family of the crew. These are the moments that no other voyage along the Norwegian coast can recreate.

Norway’s coast also produces an abundance of fresh food, be it fished, forage or farmed. The ports Hurtigruten visits provides the perfect opportunity to source fresh produce from local suppliers very day. Not only is this a treat for the guests’ taste buds, it also enhances their travel experience, minimises the amount of distance the produce is transported for, generates positive ripple effects in the local communities and connects them with places Hurtigruten visits.

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