Drawing on 127 years’ experience sailing the Norwegian coast, Hurtigruten’s new Norway Expeditions take a slower, more immersive approach to exploring one of the world’s most beautiful coastal areas.

Inspired by its expedition cruise offerings to some of the most beautiful wilderness areas all over the world, Hurtigruten’s Norway Expeditions offer an opportunity to experience Norway’s coastline, culture and history in depth. In the capable hands of the Expedition Teams, daily included excursions as well as optional activities give adventurers the chance to really explore the fjords, mountains and charming coastal towns.

The expedition itineraries include nine new, handpicked destinations: Explore the rugged archipelago of Vesterålen, boasting idyllic sandy beaches contrasted against towering peaks reaching more than 1200m above sea level. Or experience Træna, Norway’s oldest fishing community, located at the very edge of the Arctic Circle, where the surrounding area is made up of more than 1000 islands and reefs. In Alta, also known as the home of the Northern Lights, its clear skies offer a perfect opportunity to see, photograph and study the aurora borealis. The modern and artistic Northern Lights Cathedral, inspired by the shape of the aurora, is another highlight.

Other new destinations include Lofoten, Senja, the Lyngen Alps, Narvik, Fjaerland and Stavanger, all offering a unique opportunity to delve deeply into Norwegian history, culture and nature.

Seasonal itineraries showcase Norway’s many faces – from the long light of summer’s Midnight Sun to the magic of winter’s stunning light show, the aurora borealis – as well as the colour of spring and autumn.

Sailing on Hurtigruten’s beautifully refurbished, sustainable small ships, the voyages include Scandinavian cuisine featuring seasonal local produce served in three restaurants, wellness and fitness centres, including a pool, sauna and hot tubs, and the heart of its expedition ships, the state-of-the-art Science Centres, where lectures, workshops and a library enhance the experience of every destination.

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