Wellness is a term appearing more and more frequently as an important feature of travellers’ wish-lists, and for good reason.

A 2020 study from the Wellness Tourism Association (WTA) revealed consumers primary motivation for taking a wellness vacation as being “to return to everyday life feeling rejuvenated”.

To Quark Expeditions, wellness travel is travel that has the potential to change us in meaningful ways, and for the better. A wellness holiday offers a traveller a change; to disconnect from a daily routine, to immerse themselves in nature, to push the boundaries of their comfort zones and to learn something new.

Beyond that the ‘how’ a Quark Expeditions guest experiences wellness is completely unique to the experiences you may choose.
A Quark expedition to the Greenland Arctic on Ultramarine offers a myriad of opportunities, whatever our guests’ goal may be- a disconnect from daily life, a leap outside a comfort zone, or to reconnect with nature.

Equipped with two twin-engine helicopters, Ultramarine offers an extensive portfolio of adventure activities, the most spacious suites in its category, breathtaking public spaces, and more outdoor wildlife viewing spaces than other expedition ships its size.

For some Ultramarine guests, wellness means a retreat where the body and mind can unwind in luxury. That could mean a decadent spa experience, a satisfying yoga session, or even just a quiet nook to finally read that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table- all with the most spectacular views outside vying for your attention.

Ultramarine also features an innovative mix of sustainability features so that our quest for self-improvement need not be at the expense of the fragile environments we escape into.

A first in polar adventure travel, Quark Expeditions’ new Greenland Adventure Program has been developed sustainably in collaboration with municipal, regional and national partners to offer adventure seekers an authentic Greenland active adventure that best suits their dream experience!

We’ll base ourselves in and around the majestic fjords that dominate the south and southeastern coasts, sailing deeper and exploring farther than ever before.

Imagine checking off bucket-list activities like paddle excursions, shore landings and Zodiac cruising in such spectacular surroundings. And thanks to our two onboard twin-engine helicopters, the opportunity to ‘find yourself’ in this wilderness is available in never-before-seen ways.

An excursion onboard one of Ultramarine’s helicopters will take you high above the cascading coastal glaciers onto the immense Greenland Ice Sheet (the second-largest ice mass in the world) and take in the immensity of this overwhelming landscape. You’ll learn about the dynamics of this environment from our team of glaciologists while you explore this vast, seldom-visited body of ice.

Join local hosts at one of the most exclusive camps in Greenland. Local guides will lead you on an immersive experience through the wonders of their homeland. In intimate groups, walk through the beautiful landscapes and remote fjords, roam the tundra with a local chef who will find local ingredients and then prepare an incredible meal. Overnight at the camp in the Greenland wilderness, and hopefully experience the magnificent colours of the polar twilight which will bring the beautiful mountainous surroundings into full effect.

It’s not hard to imagine that on an exciting, adrenaline-filled polar trip with Quark that you could find more than just peace and tranquillity!

We predict there’s an excellent chance you will fall in love with the Polar Regions– the most beautiful, pristine areas of the world will not leave you untouched.

Quark Expeditions newest fleet member, Ultramarine sets sail in the Greenland Arctic in July 2021 with expeditions on sale now. Click here to view the expeditions.

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