Travelling can provide a number of stressors – making sure that you’ve booked the right flights and accommodation, getting to the airport, understanding a different language or currency and the most dreaded – losing something important in a foreign country.

This last worry can be assuaged with the handy little Tile Mate device. The small square sticks to whatever you don’t want to lose and emits a bluetooth signal with a range of 45m, meaning you can find your passport or wallet easily in that ‘safe’ place you decided to hide it in your hotel room, using the app on your phone. The app will also show you the last time and place your Tile updated on a map, helping you retrace your steps to reclaim your items if you’re further away.

And we know what you’re thinking though – a 45m-range isn’t going to help when you’re at the airport and the airline has misplaced your luggage and it’s headed to a different country than you. Well that’s where the Tile Community comes in. The app connects users to their own search party, which allows you to anonymously enlist others in your search for your items. Select ‘notify when found’ in the app and as soon as someone running the Tile app comes in range of your bag, you’ll be sent the location.

According to the company, the furthest distance a lost item with a Tile was found was from Berlin to Sydney.

We want to give you the chance to experience the magic of the Tile Mate yourself. To win one, tell us your best lost items story. The person who seems like they need the Tile the most will win. Send your answer to [email protected].


Please note, this competition is only open to those currently employed in the travel industry. Entries close COB 31 December 2019.

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