ADRIANA D’Angelis, Managing Director, AA Appointments

How to attract and keep your greatest asset

As one of Australia’s largest travel and hospitality recruitment specialists, one of the biggest challenges we see our clients facing right now is attracting and retaining quality staff. This is due to the fact that other industries such as finance and real estate have are actively poaching our best staff, offering higher salaries, better perks and training.

Which brings us to the question, whether you are a smaller independent agency or a large global TMC, how do you find and keep your most valuable assets — your employees?

Tip 1: Understand what perks your staff want and how they want them delivered. has recently conducted a study of over 2,000 Australians asking them to rate their most wanted work perks and the results may be surprising. The number one work perk that Australians want is the ability to choose their working hours. Getting time back for additional hours worked is the second most in-demand employee benefit. Being given the option to work from home comes in at number three for most wanted work perks. The fourth most appealing benefit that businesses can offer is health insurance cover. Providing subsidised education, training, or personal development courses is the fifth most wanted work perk in Australia.

The simplest way to find out what benefits and perks your staff want is to ask them. For example a new parent may value flexibility as their number one perk whereas a younger staff member may want further training like educational travel famils.

The next step is to devise a strategy on how the business can provide them. Many successful companies have actually incorporated certain perks as performance incentives. This has increased staff engagement and retention.

Tip 2: When hiring, remember to promote yourself and your company

Applicants you meet during the interview process may not be aware of how fantastic your company is to work for. During the interview don’t forget to promote all the benefits and perks the company provides. You may also introduce them to staff who enjoy and excel in your workplace as studies have shown applicants tend to believe their peers more than the hiring manager.

Tip 3: Review perks and benefits on an annual basis

As part of your annual staff review, look over the perks and benefits on offer. Employees’ circumstances change and therefore what they see as a perk or benefit will also change. Keeping in touch with what they value can help with retention.

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