tracey flowerThe islands of the South Pacific are an ideal holiday location for anyone looking for sand and sun. travelBulletin caught up with MTA consultant Tracey Flower to get her tips on selling these slices of paradise.


What are the main drawcards for Australians travelling to the South Pacific Islands?

The main drawcards are short travel time, fabulous weather and relaxation and of course the very distinctive cultures and people to be found in each destination.

What should an agent consider when selling the South Pacific Islands?

An agent should always consider the demographic of the client, and what they want out of their destination whether it be adventure, culture, relaxation or a combination of all three.

Which destinations are the most popular?

My most popular destinations would be Fiji, Vanuatu and Tahiti.

What kinds of travellers go to the South Pacific Islands?

Most of my clients travelling to this region would be families, honeymooners and also corporate clients on conferences.

Are there any attractions or destinations that you consider to be must do’s?

I consider the Fijian Islands to be a major drawcard of the South Pacific with their crystal blue waters and sandy beaches it’s hard not to relax. I also love Bora Bora and Moorea in Tahiti and also some of the more exclusive resorts in Vanuatu. Aitutaki in the Cook Islands is picture perfect.

What are the biggest challenges for agents in selling holidays to the South Pacific Islands?

The biggest challenge would be internet bulk purchasing houses which package up destinations such as Fiji and Vanuatu with extras that may not be attainable from approved wholesalers.

Are FIT holidays more popular than allinclusive packaged options?

Although the all-inclusive are fabulous options it really depends on the client. I try to sell all-inclusive to clients staying on the islands as most times there is not anywhere else to eat but on that particular island. Some options also include activities so it really is worth looking at but again it The Cook Islands depends on the resort and the client.

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