melanie whyteMany Australians can be accused of seeing more of international destinations that their own country, but now is a great time to rectify that. Melanie Whyte, Personal Travel Manager from Devonport, Tasmania gives her top tips for selling Australia to Australians.


How popular are domestic holidays among Australians?

Not as popular as they once were but I think it’s mainly a price point – often you can do a week at an international destination cheaper than you can for somewhere popular like the Gold Coast. Being a Tasmanian based agent also increases the price quite markedly.

What are the main drawcards for domestic holidays?

Perceived safety. With everything going on in the world, many people are staying close to home. No need for passports, visas, currency exchange, no language barriers – and our country really is amazing!

Are there any impediments to selling Australia?

Price, especially in comparison to the closer international destinations.

What are the most popular destinations?

Queensland is always a popular market but over the years it has moved from the Gold Coast to other places like the Whitsundays and Sunshine Coast. Northern Territory is gaining popularity now, although you need to be careful with the seasonality. Health retreats are also increasingly popular with people wanting to combine their interest in holistic health and holidays.

Are FIT holidays or all-inclusive packaged options more popular with travellers?

FIT for sure, most people organise the basics of a package with flights and accommodation but prefer the flexibility of organising the rest as they go.

What should an agent consider when selling domestic holidays?

Different ways to obtain product. Many hotels in particular are offering better deals for agents to work with them directly rather than through wholesalers. The other thing is offering the options of the add-on products – such as theme parks, bus transfers, and day tours. Constructing an all inclusive package, and explaining the benefits of such a package might be enough to convince passengers to pre-pay more of their holiday.

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