By JOEL Katz, Managing Director CLIA Australasia

In recent days we’ve seen further important progress as the cruise industry works towards recovery around the world.

Ships have set sail in the United Kingdom for the first time in over a year. Cruising has resumed for the northern summer in other parts of Europe.

US President Joe Biden has signed legislation that paves the way for cruising in Alaska, and health regulators have given approval for the first sailings to begin from Florida.

On our own side of the world, Hong Kong has approved sailings within a local bubble in a similar style to existing operations in Taiwan and Singapore.

All of which provides yet more evidence that cruising can resume in a responsible and carefully controlled way, and that the cruise industry’s extensive new health measures are working.

Yet, in Australia and New Zealand, we still face uncertainty while there is no clear timeline for resumption.

To help support our ongoing lobbying efforts, CLIA recently launched its Ready, Set, Sail campaign which has prompted more than 30,000 emails to Members of Parliament.

Each one represents an unmistakable message of support for a domestic cruise resumption, and with such a fantastic response there can no longer be any doubt about the size and passion of our cruise community.

These messages provide an insight into the lives of tens of thousands of Australian people who make up the cruise economy and who have been devastated by its suspension, including travel agents.

If you haven’t already joined the campaign, we encourage you to act now. CLIA has created an online tool at that allows you to message politicians quickly and easily.

We’re grateful for the incredible support we’ve received. With the success we’re seeing overseas, and the growing momentum at home, our case for resumption is stronger than ever.

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