Agent training is critical to recovery

By JOEL Katz, Managing Director CLIA Australasia

As the cruise industry works hard to forge a responsible pathway towards resumption, one of our most important tasks is to support travel agents and other industry stakeholders to ensure they are a key part of our recovery.

As part of this, CLIA has just launched an important education tool as part of our Learning Academy. It’s called Cruise Dynamics, our annual recertification elective, and this year it focuses on the extensive new health measures cruise lines have committed to globally in response to the pandemic.

Even as CLIA continues to outline these health measures to governments and health authorities, travel agents can now gain a thorough understanding of how cruise lines will operate in the future and the lengths they’ve gone to in order to uphold the health and safety of their guests.

Cruise Dynamics will be a key resource for agents as they prepare for the resumption of cruising and learn how to give reassurance to their clients. It explains important initiatives including the rigorous screening, testing, distancing, and sanitation measures that CLIA cruise lines have committed to worldwide.

As our recertification elective, this course must be completed by agents who hold any level of CLIA accreditation in order to renew their certificate. But in this critical time for our industry, the 2021 Cruise Dynamics is highly recommended for any CLIA travel agent, regardless of accreditation.

Among the many layers that make up CLIA’s recovery strategy for the cruise industry is an emphasis on restoring confidence. This means earning the confidence of our travel agent partners, the confidence of governments, and the confidence of the travelling public.

Nothing is more fundamental to that confidence than the new health measures cruise lines have committed to, here and around the world.

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