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DARREN Rudd, Chief Executive Officer

By DARREN Rudd, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Federation of Travel Agents

I trust that everyone is looking forward to the holiday break, an opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

The Federal Government has confirmed a funding support package to assist travel agents and we are working closely with the Government and relevant departments on the detail and the delivery mechanism, and we look forward to updating members imminently.

AFTA is very much looking forward to 2021, including developments on the vaccine front, the emergence of QR code-based passports to allow international travel to resume earlier than expected and the development of new marketing and operational processes to drive consumer demand in a post-COVID world.

AFTA sees itself playing a key role in equipping our valuable travel agent members to be a comprehensive centre of truth, for potential and confirmed travellers, on any subject matter related to COVID-safe travel.

As an organisation we will continue to improve every aspect of our business with a view to ensuring members remain connected, engaged, informed and valued.

While inevitably 2021 will bring with it some challenges, we see a very bright light on the hill, which is the liberation of our international travel border. We are progressing closer to this milestone every day.

AFTA will continue to look at funding options to stabilise the sector throughout the course of next year and to ensure that it is prepared as much as possible as it rebuilds and restores itself back to the engine of mobility it was for every Australian. It is our role as a sector to help our travel-hungry country realise individual dreams and aspirations for a closer and more connected world through travel.

On behalf of the entire AFTA Board and the broader team, I want to thank you each and every one of you, for the warm welcome that you have given me this year. It is a privilege to work in such an amazing sector and I look forward to meeting many more of you in 2021. I sincerely only see growth and opportunity in the year ahead for all.


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