About travelBulletin

travelBulletin is Australia’s leading monthly travel industry news publication, read by thousands of travel agents, suppliers, government agencies, wholesalers and other industry stakeholders.

Established in 2004, the magazine has a strong reputation for authoritative Australia's leading travel industry news publicationexpert opinion and is read by senior decision makers across the travel sector.

travelBulletin was established by Eddie Raggett and Ian McMahon, one of Australia’s most experienced travel industry journalists with a brace of Australian and international awards for both his reportage of industry affairs and his overall contribution to the travel industry.

In July 2014 the publication was acquired by Travel Daily, Australia’s top electronic news source for the travel industry, with the combination seeing the group dominate both the online and print publishing spaces for the trade in Australia. As well as Travel Daily, other publications in the group include Cruise Weekly, Business Events News and Pharmacy Daily.

Led by Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Bruce Piper, the team of writers including Jon Murrie, Guy Dundas, Jasmine O’Donoghue and Matt Bell cover the topics and issues that matter to the trade in ways unlike any other. The writing team, backed by an experienced sales, marketing and design team including Lisa Maroun, Sarah Beyer, Jenny Piper and Christian Schweitzer ensure the magazine remains a highly valued channel by which advertisers deliver their messages to the trade.