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land of legends

Land of Legends

Baronial castles, lively pubs, friendly people and wild landscapes make a drive along Ireland’s west coast a journey to remember, says Brian Johnston.

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road trips

Road trips on the rise

The latest Tourism Australia Research forecast has noted the positive influence that the low dollar is having on increasing domestic tourism as well as inbound travel, particularly from markets in Asia. China is predicted to overtake New Zealand as our largest inbound source market by 2017.

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long white cloud

Trailing the Long White Cloud

“It’s impossible to take a bad photo in New Zealand,” a friend remarked, after quickly snapping the South Island’s Tasman Glacier. We stood in awe, overlooking the bright turquoise lake which stretched out in front of us, dotted with spectacular jagged icebergs.

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CLIA View: Becoming a cruise master

Since 1998 CLIA Australasia (formerly ICCA) has been hosting an annual “Masters Conference” at sea. This event is a great opportunity for travel agents to advance their sales and marketing skills – all referenced back to the cruise industry – and earn the right to promote yourself as a “Cruise Master”, the ultimate industry accolade.

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Crystal makes waves

IT HAS been an exhilarating year for luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises: from expanding its presence in Australia with its first dedicated office in the country opening in Sydney to debuting Crystal Mozart, the line’s inaugural riverboat, writes Nathalie Craig.

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David Paterson

The power of events

That old cliché of ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ has never been as apt as when referring to the habits of travellers, writes David Paterson.

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Joana Bonto

Career in Focus | Joana Bonto

Joana Bonto started at Excite almost five years ago as the Director of HR and after a couple of years took over the sales, marketing and operation divisions in the company. Read more about her Exciting career now!

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